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  • Registration & Permits:
    All Faculty and Staff parking a car on campus must register their vehicle and obtain and display a valid parking permit. KSU parking permit decals are required to be applied on the inside of the front driver’s side window at all times while parked on the Kennesaw or Marietta campuses unless parked in a paid visitor parking area.

    Appropriate permits are required for all parking areas.  Parking rules and regulations are enforced during semester breaks, school closings, holidays, and on weekends to ensure unauthorized parking does not occur in fire lanes, handicapped spaces, on the landscaping, etc. Flex Parking begins at 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

    Flex Parking:
    Flex Parking means students are not restricted to their normal assigned parking area. Daily Flex parking hours are: Monday-Thursday: 6 p.m. to 7 a.m. Weekend Flex Parking hours begin Friday at 6:00 p.m. and end Monday morning at 7:00 a.m. with the exception of the following:

    • Dedicated Permit Number Spaces
    • Physician spaces
    • Carpool spaces
    • Service vehicle spaces
    • Police vehicle spaces
    • Faculty/Staff spaces
    • Resident student spaces
    • Visitor Parking
    • ADA spaces
    • Fire lanes
    • Shuttle lanes

    As faculty/staff, the only time you may park in a student space is during Flex Parking. Faculty/Staff permit holders DO NOT have added credentials to park in a student space except when the campus is in Flex Parking. Please park in designated faculty/staff spaces or you may be issued a citation from Parking Enforcement.

    If you would like to purchase a DEDICATED PARKING PERMIT for a specific parking space, please contact us at 470.578.6506. Please note that the number of Dedicated Spaces available are limited.

    Loading zones are reserved for University vehicles and other authorized vehicles on official business. Drivers of private vehicles may use loading zones for a maximum of 30 minutes during actual loading and unloading of heavy or bulky materials. Vehicles must be moved to a legal parking space immediately after loading/unloading.

    Designated Parking Areas:
    Faculty and Staff are permitted to park in Faculty and Staff designated parking spots only except during Flex Parking at which time faculty and staff may park in non-resident student spaces if necessary.

    Extended Parking:
    Sometimes it is necessary to park a vehicle on campus for an extended period of time due to travel specifically related to a student’s association with KSU. For extended parking requests, please contact The Department of Parking at 470.578.6506 or at parking@kennesaw.edu, for assistance and additional information.

    No Posting Policy:
    Posting of unauthorized flyers, posters, advertisements or notices of any kind are prohibited in all parking decks, lots and shuttle buses. All unauthorized postings will be removed and discarded immediately without prior notice or warning.

  • Authority:
    Kennesaw State University adopts these regulations pursuant to the authority conferred upon the Board of Regents to regulate the University System of Georgia Campus Traffic, Official Code of Georgia Annotated (OCGA), Title 20. These regulations supersede all previous KSU Parking and Traffic Regulations pertaining to motor vehicle operation and parking on campus.

    These regulations apply to all persons operating motor vehicles at Kennesaw State University and become part of the terms and conditions accepted by all persons permitted to operate motor vehicles on campus. Students, faculty and staff shall not operate or park any motor vehicle on campus unless qualified to do so under applicable State law and KSU regulations. The Campus includes that property owned or leased by the Board of Regents and designated as Kennesaw State University. For the purpose of these regulations, a “motor vehicle” is a conveyance with two or more wheels propelled by an electric or fuel-burning motor.

    University System Of Georgia Parking Regulations:

    1. In order to facilitate a safe and orderly flow of traffic on campus, KSU adopts in full all the statutes and provisions of OCGA, Title 40, Article 10, regarding “Stopping, Standing and Parking.” When appropriate, curbs may be painted yellow to designate restricted parking as set forth by Georgia law; however, the lack of yellow curbing or restricted parking signs is not a defense for those charged with violations of State or campus parking regulations. Parking is not permitted on the grass, on sidewalks, in driveways or any other area not designated for parking.

    2. Reserved parking areas include but are not limited to “faculty and staff reserved” lots, loading zones, visitor spaces and other areas marked reserved for specific persons or functions. Depending on campus activities, with the exception of Lot B on the Kennesaw campus, Staff and Faculty parking lots will revert to open parking after 7 p.m. on weekdays (all day on Fridays) and all day on weekends and holidays until 7 a.m. in the morning, when Reserved Status will reapply and be monitored for violations. This open parking status will not apply to Lot B, designated spaces, handicap spaces, loading/unloading, and service vehicles. Generally, loading zones are reserved for University vehicles and other authorized vehicles on official business. Drivers of private vehicles may use loading zones during actual loading and unloading of heavy or bulky material (30 minutes or less) with four-way flashers activated. After the car has been unloaded or loaded, the individual must move the vehicle to a legal parking space.

    3. KSU loading docks have additional requirements. Loading dock areas cannot be used without prior approval of the Department of Parking and Transportation 470.578.6506. If a personal vehicle is parked in a loading dock area without the proper permit and/or permission, the vehicle will be ticketed and/or towed.

    4. Parking and Transportation will vigorously enforce Georgia’s “Parking Law for Persons with Disabilities” in accordance with OCGA 40-6-226. Drivers of vehicles parked in spaces designated for persons with disabilities must have a valid license plate, or display the official permit issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles for person with disabilities in full view on their dashboard or hung from their rear view mirror.

    5. An illegally parked vehicle may be impounded without notice at the owner’s expense if it presents a hazard to motorists or is obstructing traffic. Other vehicles subject to immediate impoundment or booting include, but are not limited to, those parked in marked “Tow Away Zones,” those parked in spots reserved for specific persons or for a numbered carpool, and those receiving three or more parking citations (paid or unpaid). Vehicles are subject to impoundment or booting immediately upon receiving the third citation.

      Although the University assumes no liability for damage or losses incurred as a result of such impoundment or booting, KSU Police officers shall attempt to inventory the contents of impounded vehicle(s) in order to account for any and all valuables contained therein. However, no officer shall attempt to gain entry for inventory purposes when said vehicle(s) are locked with all windows secured. The Department will release an impounded or booted vehicle to the legal owner upon presentation of proof of ownership and payment of ALL outstanding parking fines and fees. The legal owner of the vehicle is responsible for all towing and storage charges pertaining to the impoundment.

      NOTE: Occasionally, a driver will park illegally and then put an old or misappropriated citation on his or her windshield in an attempt to beguile officers into believing s/he has already received a ticket. In an effort to discourage such behavior, such vehicles are subject to immediate impoundment.

    6. Faculty and Staff with unpaid fines will be subject to the following sanctions: referral to outside collection agencies. Please note: to get a list of all outstanding fees and fines Faculty and Staff must contact the Bursar’s office at 470.578.6013 on the Kennesaw campus. Payments are to be made in the Bursar’s Office, 2nd floor of the Student Center, or online through KSU Parking Portal.

      If you are on the Marietta campus, you must call the Bursar’s office at 678.915.7216 (formerly the Business Office) to get a list of all outstanding fees and fines. Or you may find the Bursar’s office on the Marietta campus on the second floor of Norton Hall (R2 building).

    7. Kennesaw State University campus police may remove or immobilize a vehicle at the owner’s expense. Repeatedly cited vehicles may have their parking privileges revoked.

    Traffic Regulations:

    1. Traffic safety on campus is everyone’s responsibility. Students, staff and faculty are expected to obey all traffic laws and practice safe driving habits while operating motor vehicles at Kennesaw State University. The speed limit is 25 MPH campus-wide (unless otherwise indicated), except in parking lots where it is 5 MPH. The University is public property and all of the streets in and around campus are deemed public highways. Hence, anyone operating a motor vehicle in violation of Georgia law may be required to answer charges in State Court.

    2. Pursuant to the Official Code of Georgia Annotated, Title 20, the KSU Police are charged with enforcing traffic laws on campus. They are fully empowered to make traffic arrests for offenses committed within their jurisdiction. Questions regarding Uniform Traffic Citations may be addressed to the State Court of Cobb County, Traffic Violations Bureau.

    3. The KSU Police will investigate all motor vehicle accidents occurring on campus. For purposes of documentation, drivers are urged not to move their vehicles until after the arrival of an officer. Copies of the accident reports are usually available three (3) business days after the written request is submitted.
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