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General Misconduct

Violation of Disciplinary Rules - What Do I Do About a Disruptive Student?

A faculty member is responsible for maintaining discipline in the classroom setting to the extent that all students in that class have an opportunity to participate in the learning process. Free exchange of ideas through appropriate dialogue is a necessary and important part of the learning process. Outside the classroom, other areas of the campus provide support services, which are also important to the total learning process. Sometimes a faculty or staff member may be confronted with a situation where the conduct of a particular student or students is so inappropriate that it impedes the natural and necessary learning process.

All incidents of disciplinary violations of the KSU Student Code of Conduct outside of residence hall property shall be reported to the Department of Student Conduct and Academic Integrity (SCAI) in accordance with the procedure outlined below. Faculty, staff, or students who are witnesses to or victims of incidents of alleged violation of the Student Code of Conduct should contact the SCAI Dept. as soon as possible and submit a General Misconduct Incident Report form.

1.  Seriously Disruptive/Dangerous Conduct

  • In situations where a student's conduct is both disruptive and poses imminent danger to the health and safety of himself/herself or others, immediately contact the KSU Police at 470.578.6666. The responding officer at the time of notification shall remove the student from the area immediately.
  • Immediately report the incident to the SCAI Dept. and/or the Office of the Dean for Student Affairs and for possible handling under the "Interim Suspension" policy.
  • The SCAI officer will investigate the incident and will advise as to the appropriate course of action in each situation.

2.  General Disruptive Behavior, Where No Immediate Threat of Danger is Present

  • If the situation is not imminently dangerous, the faculty or staff member may control the immediate situation by requiring the student(s) to meet specific criteria (not speaking during the remainder of the class period, leaving the classroom or office area immediately, etc.), or the faculty member may choose to dismiss the class for the remainder of the period to avoid a confrontation.
  • The faculty or staff member must contact the SCAI Dept. as soon as possible and submit a General Misconduct Incident Report form, documenting the alleged misconduct and any action taken against the student.
  • Once contacted, the SCAI officer will conduct a preliminary investigation and will advise as to the appropriate course of action in each situation.

3.  Concerns about Student Health, Welfare, Unusual Behavior, or Well-Being

  • Concerns about a student’s health, welfare, unusual behavior, or well-being should be reported to the Behavioral Response Team (BRT) using the red flag report.
  • After a red flag report is submitted a member of the BRT will follow up with you to address any additional questions or concerns. The BRT will review the case and determine the most appropriate response on a case by case basis given the totality of information available to the BRT at the time. Responses can vary from supportive outreach to the individual to make the person aware of resources, making a referral to an appropriate university office for further action, or continued monitoring. Any action taken by the BRT is done collaboratively and under the auspices of the appropriate office or professionals with the underlying intention of creating a culture of safety, support and care.
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