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Purchasing Card (P-Card) FAQs

  • The State of Georgia Purchasing Card (P-Card) is a valuable tool for quickly and efficiently purchasing and paying for small value items under $5,000.00. The P-Card is issued through Bank of America to a qualified applicant of the University.

  • The individual must be a regular, benefited employee of Kennesaw State University (KSU).

  • No, your personal credit is not affected in any way by using the KSU P-Card. The university is responsible for all authorized charges.

  • The cardholder must immediately contact the card issuer (Bank of America)if the P-Card has been lost or stolen by calling 1-888-449-2273 and must also immediately notify the KSU P-Card Administrator at 470-578-4355.

  • When you become a P-Card holder, your email address and your approver's email address will be entered so that you receive email notifications when you have P-Card transactions to review and approve.

  • No. You must treat this P-Card as you would your own personal card. You can make a purchase on behalf of someone, but you are not to give your card or number to anyone else other than the vendor you are purchasing from to make purchases.

  • The approver must be at the Budget Authority level or higher, or designated by the Budget Authority. In addition, the approver must be at a higher level within the department than the cardholder.

  • Cardholders and departments do not receive statements from Bank of America. The cardholder or Business Manager will pull a transaction summary statement from the Bank of America P-Card Works system that will be used to document and approve the purchases for the month.

  • All paperwork must be received by the P-Card Administrator no later than 5 p.m. on the last business day of the month. Statements that have been placed in the campus mail, but not yet received by the Office of Procurement and Contracting (OPC) will be considered late and handled accordingly.

  • All P-Card statements should be sent by campus mail or hand delivered to:

    Office of Procurement and Contracting (OPC)
    MB #9110
    ATTN: P-Card Administrator.

  • Statements are reviewed by the P-Card Administrator to ensure all documentation required has been submitted and that policies and procedures are being followed.

  • Your transactions will be uploaded into PeopleSoft at month end, even if you don't approve them. If you did not revise your budget string or account code information before the end the month, charges will be posted to your departmental supply account and a journal entry will need to be submitted if corrections need to be made. If you do not have a business manager, the cardholder must submit a journal entry to change the allocation. Approval does not control payment. Your transactions will be paid whether or not you approve them on the Works statement.

  • Currently there is no application or process to allow for other approver(s) to sign or approve transactions in the Works system. However, remember as an option, P-Card holders can access the Works system from the Internet, thereby allowing P-Card transactions to be approved by the P-Card holders from off-site locations. Special arrangements can be made if the P-Card holder will not have access to the Internet.

  • Yes, the P-Card may be used to pay for conference or workshop registration fees either in town or out of town. However, all other travel expenses for an employee such as food, lodging, parking, etc., may not be charged to the P-Card.

  • Any purchases of food for students must include all documentation and must follow guidelines for "group meals" in the BOR Business Procedures Manual -Section 19.7and 19.8 at the following links:

    19.7 Employee Group Meals http://www.usg.edu/business_procedures_manual/section19/manual/C1563

    19.8 Purchase of Food Using Institutional Funds http://www.usg.edu/business_procedures_manual/section19/manual/C1566

    Please reference the Statewide Purchasing Card Policy, Section V.B.5 (pages 14-15): http://doas.ga.gov/assets/State%20Purchasing/PCard%20Marketplace%20Documents/PCard_Policy.pdf

    Documentation must include:

    1. Itemized receipt showing all meals purchased;
    2. Roster of participants showing name and signature of each student (for activities not open to the entire campus - e.g. athletic teams, student clubs, or for activities with less than fifty (50) students); and
    3. Copy of team schedule and documentation showing that the meal was an authorized student activity.
  • No, employee travel expenses are NOT allowed on the P-Card. Airline tickets, shuttle, bus, train tickets, hotel/motel room charges and meals are not allowed on the P-Card. For more information on utilizing the KSU Travel Management System (TMS/Concur) for Travel Request authorizations and Travel Expense Reimbursements, please see the KSU Travel Website of the Office of Finance and Accounting Website.

  • E-mail the P-Card Administrator via P-Card Administrator to determine why your purchase is being denied. Often a charge is declined because the available funds have reached the $10,000 mark even when the available credit on the card is less than $10,000. Available funds are determined by the transactions requiring allocation and sign off. If a transaction has not been signed off, the funds are said to be unavailable. Charges may also be denied because of the Merchant Category Code (MCC), which means the company you are trying to purchase from has categorized themselves under a code that we do not allow. As long as the item is an allowable purchase, and within your transaction limit, this can be resolved within a few minutes.

  • A restricted item is anything that is not allowed on a state wide contract or anything that has been restricted as a P-Card purchase. Please see the Georgia Department of Administrative Services (DOAS Statewide Contract Index for a complete listing of restricted items.

    For additional assistance, please contact Procurement Services, 470-578-6214.

  • Each card issued will be assigned a speed chart number which represents the PeopleSoft account string that will automatically apply to every P-Card transaction unless changed during the allocation process. Contact the P-Card Administrator (470-578-4355) prior to the cycle cutoff to make any additions, deletions, or changes to your speed-chart number.

  • Default limits are $4,999.99 per transaction and $5,000 per month. Cycle limits and single transaction limits are reviewed on a quarterly basis to ensure that all cards have the appropriate limit; cards with excessive limits or that are not being utilized will have their limits lowered.

  • Transaction limits are set by the State of Georgia. These purchases, by law, must go through the procurement process and must be bid if over $5,000. Large purchases that are over your transaction limit should be reviewed by your director and a Purchasing Officer via the requisition process.

  • The department head recommends the cardholder's monthly spending limit which should mirror the monthly budgetary limits for supplies within the department. This must be approved by the Department of Administrative Services (DOAS) and routed through the P-Card Administrator. If space is left blank on the request form the spending limit will automatically reflect the budget amount up to $10,000 per month. The P-Card Administrator requires written justification when a P-Card holder requires a higher limit than the default. The transaction limit is set at $4,999.99 and cannot be increased.

  • You must get a credit on the P-Card as soon as feasibly possible and pay for the item via another means. If this is not possible contact the P-Card Administrator (470-578-4355) immediately and make arrangements to reimburse the University within three days of the purchase. This is a major violation resulting in immediate suspension to the program.

  • If you are leaving the University, you will need to turn in your current card to the P-Card Administrator. The card will be canceled. If you are changing departments, you will need to request the card to be transferred to your new department by submitting the P-Card Request and Change Form to the P-Card Administrator, MB #9110.

    • Do not carry your P-Card with you on weekends or vacations.
    • Leave your P-Card in a secure location in your office; only take it out if you need to make a University purchase.
    • Do not write down your card number and let other employees use the number.
    • Only place online orders on secure Websites.
  • The P-Card Program Team in the Office of Procurement and Contracting (OPC) provides support for the KSU P-Card Program and card holders and their departments.

    Pam Barnes, P-Card Program Manager
    T: 470.578.3603
    E: pbarnes@kennesaw.edu

    Laurie Morse, P-Card Program Specialist
    T: 470.578.2587
    E: lmorse@kennesaw.edu

    For questions and concerns relating to P-Card purchases, you can also contact:

    Office of Procurement and Contracting (OPC)
    T: 470.578.4355
    E: purchasing@kennesaw.edu

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