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The Center provides remote and local training classes through out the year.  Our classes are open to full and part time election officials at no cost to the attendee or their jurisdiction.

The Center for Election Systems at Kennesaw State University is offering its GEOC certification classes. Each class will be limited to a total of 30 participants and to only those individuals working toward gaining their GEOC certification.  If you are uncertain on your GEOC Certification status, please contact the Secretary of State’s office for verification. 

Classes offered by the Center:

  • Election Management System (EMS):

    • State Election Board rules governing use of EMS
    • Fundamentals of EMS
    • Ballot building process
    • Proofing ballots and common errors
    • Printing and ordering of ballots
    • Allocation of voting equipment to voting locations
    • Post-election reporting
    • EMS life cycle testing
    • Security of software and hardware

    General Maintenance:

    • TS and Express Poll power and battery management
    • OS memory card batteries
    • UPS battery replacement
    • Cleaning server and surrounding area
    • Inventory and repair of equipment
  • Election Week Operations:

    • Pre-election checklist
      • GEMS server
      • Clearing Test Results
      • Voter Registration Numbers
      • Exporting test file to Secretary of State office
      • GEMS database backup
    • Election Day
      • Printing pre-election reports
      • Absentee scanning and OS upload
      • TS memory card uploads
      • Periodic export files to Secretary of State office
      • Printing election reports
    • Post-election
      • Resume scan of absentee ballots (UOCAVA ballots)
      • Provisional ballots
      • Verifying all memory cards are uploaded
      • Printing official and complete reports
      • Sending final export file to Secretary of State office
      • GEMS database backup
    • Conducting a recount
      • Creating and loading backup database
      • Configuring reporting sets
    • Getting ready for the next election
  • Logic and Accuracy Fundamentals (L&A)

    • Georgia Code and State Election Board rules governing L&A
    • Checking election database for accuracy
      • Loading database into Global Election Management System (GEMS)
      • Verifying correctness of database
    • Determine amount of TS, OS, and ExpressPoll voting equipment to be used
      • Setting vote center memory card count in GEMS
    • Clearing TS and OS memory cards of previous election data
    • Creating TS and OS memory cards
      • Connecting equipment to GEMS server
      • Downloading vote center specific information to memory cards
    • Creating OS absentee test deck
      • Determining number of test decks to create
    • Performing L&A test on OS units
    • Performing L&A test on ExpressPoll units
    • Performing L&A test on TS units
    • Testing GEMS
      • Printing pre-election report
      • Uploading TS and OS memory cards
      • Printing results summary report
      • Creating GEMS database backup
  • ExpressPoll Fundamentals

    • What is ExpressPoll
    • Pre-election Processes
      • ExpressPoll logic and accuracy testing
      • Assignment of ExpressPoll units to precincts
      • Absentee voter list
      • Bulk absentee update
    • Election Day Operation
      • Opening Polls
      • Voter lookup and card creation
      • Voter status codes
      • Encoder option
      • Accessing and reviewing numbered list
      • Changing a voter status
      • Closing Polls
      • Best practices for using ExpressPoll units
    • Post-election operations
      • Printing the numbered list report
  • Municipal Training

    This class is geared to educate municipal election officials on what is involved in using TS and OS equipment to execute a successful election.

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