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CCSE Hackathon

First-annual CCSE Hackathon - October 5-8, 2017!

This is a great way for our students to connect with industry partners and peers, build their skills and resumes, and win prizes!

* Open to CS, IT, SWE, and CGDD - design, coding, analysis, etc. are all viable contributions
* Have fun with friends and meet new people
* Sharpen your skills and build your resume
* Explore cutting-edge areas in computing
* Make an impression for internships, jobs, etc. with company sponsors
* Win cash and other prizes

* October 5-8 (Thurs-Sun)
* Cost: FREE
* Location: Marietta campus J/Atrium building
* Kickoff event on Thursday evening (Oct 5)
* Come and go as you’d like during the weekend while working with industry experts and your team
* Judging and awards ceremony on Sunday (Oct 8)
* You can pick your team, or we’ll place you on a new team
* Snacks and drinks will be provided throughout the event
* All participants will receive a free t-shirt and other swag

The hackathon will have industry-sponsored themes in health informatics, hospitality/travel, e-commerce, big data analytics, and others by TravelPort, InComm, Anthem, HPCC Systems, and others. You can indicate your preference when you register, and teams will form in each of these themes, so there is flexibility in working on projects in different areas.

This event is open to all KSU CCSE students (ACS, BASIT, IT, CS, SWE, and CGDD) who have passed their first few programming courses; you need to have completed these courses to ensure you’re deep enough into your major to meaningfully contribute to your team. Graduate students who have exempted all transitional courses or have passed at least three 5000 transition courses are also eligible.

Tentative Schedule of Events: 

  • Sept 14th, 6-7:30pm:- Company Pitch Night
  • Sept 14-17th : Students submit 1st, 2nd & 3rd choice for challenges
  • Sept 18-26th: Teams will be finalized
  • Oct 5th, 6-8:30pm (Dinner Provided): Check-in, Kickoff
  • Oct 6th, 4-10pm (Dinner Provided): Student Innovation Time
  • Oct 7th, 9am-10pm (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Provided): Student Innovation Time
  • Oct 8th, 8:30 -9:00: Breakfast
  • Oct 8th, 9-11am: Team Presentations & Judging
  • Oct 8th, 12:30-2pm: Food, Networking & Awards


  • Who we are:  Anthem is working to transform health care with trusted and caring solutions. Our health plan companies deliver quality products and services that give their members access to the care they need. With over 74 million people served by its affiliated companies, including approximately 40 million within its family of health plans, Anthem is one of the nation’s leading health benefits companies.

    Our strategy is driven by our focus on achieving the following objectives:

    • Create the best health care value in our industry.
    • Excel at day-to-day execution.
    • Capitalize on new opportunities to drive growth.

    Our business strategy establishes a framework that yields tangible value for all of our constituents - members, employers, health care professionals, associates, and shareholders.

    Why choose us? Join us as we transform healthcare.  A key to transformation is modernizing our systems. Check out more: http://careers.antheminc.com/

  • Who we are: HPCC Systems® helps businesses of all sizes to find the answers they need by making data easier to process, analyze and understand.
    Born from the deep data analytics history of LexisNexis® Risk Solutions, HPCC Systems provides high-performance, parallel processing and delivery for applications using big data.

    The open-source platform incorporates a software architecture implemented on commodity shared-nothing computing clusters for resilience and scalability. It is configurable to support both parallel batch data processing and high-performance data delivery applications using indexed data files. The platform includes a high-level, implicitly parallel data-centric declarative programming language that adds to its flexibility and efficiency. 

    For more Information, check out our Wiki:


  • **Password: experiences**

    **Password: experiences**

    Who We Are: InComm is the leader in prepaid products and solutions. The most familiar of our products are card based; gift cards, reloadable debit cards and other “cards” that you can find in your most common retailers.  InComm, on average, activates around 2/3 of the gift cards globally, each year. We are the leading activator of iTunes gift cards and have over 600,000 points of retail distribution world-wide. Our business goes much further than gift cards, but all of our products and services leverage our end to end capabilities when it comes to product delivery to market, as well as Platform as a Service based solutions for back end activations and data processing. InComm owns over 200 international technical patents that help to define the prepaid payments process and we continue to innovate aggressively. We are growing rapidly and our need for strong technical minds that can help build the payment systems of the future is growing as well.

    By choosing our thread you will have the opportunity to dive into the payments space and explore a number of the technologies and business variables (performance, security, scalability, marketability, cost, compliance etc.) that come into play when businesses look for viable solutions.

    Why Choose Us?

    Not only is InComm growing, but the financial technology business sector is exploding… the big secret, it’s happening right here in Atlanta. You can start your journey in financial technology early, get a head start on the competition, and work with industry leaders from InComm by choosing our thread. We want innovative minds that enjoy a challenge and at InComm, we value people who provide solutions. We look for motivated, ambitious engineers that thrive in a dynamic environment and we want to work with you!

    The FinTech industry serves billions of global customers daily. With services ranging from banking to payments to wealth management and beyond, innovation in the space continues to expand the reach and types of offerings.

    Much of this innovation is driven by the exchange of digital financial data. Data that largely remains private due to the sensitive nature of the information.

    Note: The open API will be made available several weeks prior to the event

    Examples of relevant technologies for this thread include:

    • Apple Watch
    • Google Home
    • Raspberry PI
    • Arduino

    In thinking of payment processing, what if you could associate your form of payment with a device? What would you be able to do? How would you keep it secure? Think: "Alexa buy me a pizza and have it delivered to my house tonight at 7pm" If you your payment process was already authenticated and associated with Alexa, you could accomplish this -- what are the possibilities? Expand this idea to a host of other situations/devices. Also think about the issues that may be problematic and how you can solve them.

    Another example, I buy the same things from the grocery store every week, can I set up a standard grocery list and just have them delivered every Friday afternoon?

    How can we accomplish this while maintaining privacy, security and authenticity? Think outside the box, inside the box, throw away the box -- what is the future of how we pay for things given the new technologies available?

    Relevant Resources:





  • For all the detail on the challenges, come to the Hackathon Pitch night.  To prepare, use the resources listed below. 

    Challenge 1 Teaser: Using Travelport data, use Data Analytics for Air travel. 

    The mobile landscape is evolving, and so too are the needs of travellers. Travel brands need to engage with their customers at every stage throughout the end-to-end travel lifecycle or risk getting left behind.

    Your challenge is to design the next-gen app or interface for how travel searches, purchases and interactions take place. Is the "app" still alive or is there something else that makes more sense? Travelport is also interested in alternative approaches to travel booking (i.e., how are students, retirees, millennials, etc. interested in booking — i.e., new use cases for the system)

    What alternatives are there to the standard “I want to go from X to Y, show me options” approaches to travel booking? Can you design a new interface and search approach that opens new avenues and use cases? Such as: "I have $1500 and I want to travel Europe during the summer, how can I do that?" Think about how new users (demographics like students, retirees, etc.) might book travel and come up with something novel that works best for these new use cases.  

  • Who we are: We’re a passionate and dedicated team of thinkers, creators, and developers based in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. We love helping people with computing. Computing used to be something you’d go visit. Then it became something on your desk. Now, we carry computing in our pocket. In our near future, computing will be all around us, all the time.  In fact, this is already happening, and we’re bringing it to life with our clients.

    Why Choose Us? Check out what we do: http://www.youareherecorp.com/

Visit https://www.eventbrite.com/e/ksu-ccse-hackathon-tickets-34449170396 for more information and to register. 

Register by June 15 and participate in the event to be eligible for one of two $50 Amazon gift cards (random drawing).

We look forward to seeing you at this amazing event in October!

A big THANK YOU to our sponsors: 

hackathon sponsors

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